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Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan

We all aspire to lead a purposeful life and to unlock our full potential. However, the daily grind often overwhelms us, causing our significant aspirations to take a back seat and, eventually, fade into obscurity. Michael Hyatt, a New York Times bestselling author, wants to reassure readers that it doesn’t have to be this way. He firmly believes that this year can be the turning point where reality converges with our dreams.

In ‘Your Best Year Ever,’ Hyatt introduces a potent, research-driven system for establishing and realizing one’s goals. In just five hours, readers will learn how to craft their best year ever, aided by techniques such as:

  • Three simple methods to triple the likelihood of achieving their goals.
  • Strategies to make their goals resilient to setbacks.
  • How to navigate those moments when they feel immobilized?
  • And much more.

For anyone who yearns to break free from the stagnation that hinders personal, intellectual, professional, relational, or financial aspirations, this book offers valuable, battle-tested wisdom.

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Book Details

Author Name: Michael Hyatt
Publisher: Baker Books
Published Date: 02-01-2018