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JuniorPages is a website featuring children’s booklists sorted by age or topic.

The JuniorPages website was first launched as a means of helping primary school staff to find the best books to use in classrooms.

The booklists on the site now help millions of users each year to find recommended children’s books, including booklists for primary curriculum subjects like history and science, recommendations of the best new children’s books, specific booklists for reading for pleasure like graphic novels and early chapter books and recommendations of the best books by age or year group.

More About the JuniorPages Website

The JuniorPages site began as a group of booklists that collated quality texts themed around popular topics for EYFSKS1 and KS2. As a primary teacher, our founder Alison began to create the lists by drawing on her own experience of quality texts and by discussing recommendations with teaching colleagues from across the country. The site quickly grew in popularity, with teachers commenting that it was useful to have a go-to place to search for appropriate books that are tried and tested for use in the classroom.

Over time, the number of Topic Lists increased and the site also began to focus on Reading for Pleasure, with booklists added for each year group and a Reading for Pleasure Blog featuring the latest children’s fiction. The site is incredibly privileged to have contributions from a fantastic community of people including teachers, librarians, education lecturers and children’s authors. With a panel of 50 reviewers from across the primary education community, we are now able to try out new books in a variety of school settings before we recommend them on the website, making sure that we are only recommending the most suitable books for your classrooms. We are delighted that our recommendations have now reached millions of users, with thousands of schools accessing the booklists each month and a growing audience of families looking for recommendations for books at home.

Over the past few years, JuniorPages has grown in its ability to support primary teachers and librarians in finding the best books to use with pupils, as well as inspiring teachers in their own reading journeys and reaching more families at home. This is a golden age for children’s literature and it is not always easy to keep up to date with the wonderful texts that are available, but we are here to make it a little easier to know where to start.

Our booklists are different to many traditional school reading lists and reading spines because they are part of a digital resource that is evolving all the time. Librarians tell us that teachers using printed reading lists are sometimes unaware of many newer quality titles because the lists become quickly dated after a few years. Here at JuniorPages we are constantly updating and evaluating our lists, which means that they are always up to date with new titles. In addition to our school review panel, we work with a range of publishers, children’s book industry experts and booksellers to make sure our lists offer the very best recommendations. We also work in partnership with Peters, who supply packs of books from our lists directly to schools.

To keep in touch with the latest news and reviews from JuniorPages , please join the thousands of other teachers who have signed up to our mailing list, or follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Featured Books

The Foot Book

The Foot Book

"The Foot Book" by Dr. Seuss stands as a timeless classic in children's literature, captivating generations with its whimsical charm and playful exploration of the world of feet. Since its publication, this delightful book has enchanted young readers and adults alike,...

Too Many Puppies! (Barbie: Life in the Dream House)

Too Many Puppies! (Barbie: Life in the Dream House)

Prepare for a whimsical adventure as Barbie® and her friends navigate the joys and challenges that come with an abundance of puppies! In this Step 3 Comic Reader tailored for girls aged 5 to 8, the beloved characters delve into the hilarious world of Barbie® Life in...

Sing It Out (Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals)

Sing It Out (Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals)

Barbie™ takes center stage in "Rock 'n Royals," portraying Princess Courtney, a contemporary royal whose life takes an unexpected turn when a mix-up lands her at Camp Pop while the famous rockstar, Erika, finds herself at Camp Royalty. As the threat of closure looms...