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World of Eric Carle, Around the Farm

Put on your overalls and embark on a delightful journey “Around The Farm” with this enchanting sound book! As your little one reads, they can activate 30 different sound buttons, bringing to life Eric Carle’s remarkable artistic creations.

This sound book is extraordinary because:

  1. It encourages hands-on interaction, captivating and involving young readers.
  2. It provides multisensory reading experiences that spark the imaginations of children.
  3. Sharing this book with your little one strengthens your bond.
  4. Featuring the distinctive artistry of Eric Carle, the renowned writer and illustrator of the beloved “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

Within its pages, you’ll find an incredible array of animals, including a bull, cow, goat, pig, sheep, lamb, donkey, horse, hen, turkey, chick, rooster, cat, dog, mouse, frog, duck, turtle, fish, crow, sparrow, owl, woodpecker, snake, rabbit, cricket, dragonfly, bee, butterfly, and Eric Carle’s famous and ever-hungry caterpillar.

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Published Date: 01-02-2013