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The Who Was? History of the World Paperback

Derived from the renowned New York Times Best-Selling series, this world history timeline provides a fresh perspective on global events, spanning from the era of King Tut to the remarkable life of Malala Yousafzai.

In a groundbreaking compilation, all the fascinating subjects of the “Who Was?” series come together in a single volume. “The Who Was? History of the World” takes readers on an immersive journey along the historical timeline. It highlights the birthdates of 150 notable individuals from the series and the significant events occurring in the world during their lifetimes. This unique timeline guides readers through the pages of history, starting from the days of ancient Egypt and extending to the present day, allowing them to discover who was doing what and when in the ever-evolving story of our world.

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Book Details

Author Name: Paula K. Manzanero
Publisher: Penguin Workshop
Published Date: 08-10-2019