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The Fascinating Science Book for Kids: 500 Amazing Facts!

Give inquisitive kids the gift of 500 captivating facts with this incredible science book tailored for children aged 9 to 12!

Are your young readers fascinated by dinosaurs, dolphins, mountains, and meteors? “The Fascinating Science Book for Kids” has it all and more! This fact-filled book boasts a treasury of 500 astounding science facts that promise hours of exploration and learning. With vibrant full-color illustrations on every page, children will uncover remarkable and quirky insights about a wide range of topics, including prehistoric life, the mysteries of the deep sea, weather, minerals, the human body, the solar system, and even their own backyard.

Within the captivating pages of this science fun facts book for kids, young readers will discover incredible tidbits such as:

  • Scientists have gathered evidence that tiny diamonds occasionally rain down from the skies of Neptune.
  • The giant squid boasts a brain shaped like a donut.
  • Certain bacterial species produce electricity as they respire, and they can even power a battery.

Delve into a wealth of science facts that kids adore with “The Fascinating Science Book for Kids” — a top choice among educational books for young readers!

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Published Date: 29-12-2020