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The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book:

Science has never been more accessible or enjoyable!

With “The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book,” all you need are a few common household items, and you can embark on a multitude of mind-boggling science experiments that have been tried and tested by kids. High school science teacher Tom Robinson takes you on a journey to expand your scientific horizons, covering fields like biology, chemistry, physics, technology, engineering, and even outer space.

Within these pages, you’ll uncover answers to intriguing questions such as:

  • Can you inflate a balloon without actually blowing air into it?
  • What lies inside coins?
  • Is it possible to deactivate a magnet?
  • Do toilets consistently flush in the same direction?
  • Can a swimming pool be cleaned using just one person’s breath?

Whether you’ve always had a passion for STEM or you’re on the hunt for a captivating science fair project, you’ll be eager to put these enjoyable and educational experiments to the test yourself!

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Published Date: 01-10-2001