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The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids

Why do fish thrive in saltwater, you ask? It’s because pepper gives them a serious case of the sneezes! Make your holiday gift an absolute crowd-pleaser with a collection of 800 whimsical jokes specially curated for kids!

Perusing jokes is not just a recipe for amusement but also an excellent way to boost your reading skills. The Grand Compilation of Witty Jokes for Kids is brimming with a delightful assortment of knock-knock jokes, brain-teasers, tongue twisters, and clever wordplay that you can share with your pals and family, guaranteeing endless hours of laughter!

Quirky facts and captivating illustrations await you inside. Discover delightfully absurd artwork that complements the humor, as well as intriguing trivia related to the joke themes. For instance, did you know that elephants are unable to jump?

Aspiring jokesters will find this book to be an invaluable resource, offering beginner-friendly insights into crafting jokes. Explore the mechanics of setting up and delivering punchlines, along with a range of tips and exercises designed to help you craft your very own jokes.

Take this treasure trove of humor with you wherever you roam—be it on road trips, plane journeys, or any adventure. With this book in tow, you can infuse laughter into every place you visit.

Bestow the gift of laughter upon your friends, siblings, cousins, or anyone who revels in the joy of mirth. This book not only entertains but also imparts valuable knowledge, making it a delightful present for all humor enthusiasts!

Continue to revel in laughter, cultivate your knowledge, and enhance your reading skills with this joke-infused children’s book tailored for ages 6-12.

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Book Details

Author Name: Carole P. Roman
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Published Date: 27-08-2019