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See You Later, Alligator by Sally Hopgood

An amusing narrative complemented by vibrant and captivating illustrations, coupled with expressive, rhyming text that will keep children coming back for more, bursting into giggles with each read.

Our journey begins with a tortoise all packed and ready for adventure, yet he can’t set off until he’s bid adieu to every one of his animal pals. The tortoise makes sure to pause for each, even for the most bashful mouse or tiny bumblebee, punctuating his farewells with clever rhymes. It might make you wonder if, just maybe, he’s intentionally delaying the start of his journey.

His animal friends, taken aback each time he pops up to offer another adieu, are especially surprised when he confuses a befuddled rhinoceros for a unicorn! With each parting, the tortoise’s goodbyes become increasingly whimsical and imaginative. The question lingers: when will these farewells conclude and the adventure truly begin?

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Book Details

Author Name: Sally Hopgood
Format: Picture Book
Publisher: Sky Pony
Published Date: 20-09-2016