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National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Science

Introduce children to the captivating world of science with this lively and engaging exploration. It delves into the diverse realms of science, the pursuits of scientists, and the extraordinary subjects they investigate, including animals, plants, oceans, space, geological phenomena, sound, light, inventions, and much more!

Ensure that children’s initial encounter with the marvels of science is an exhilarating eye-opener with this interactive reference book. It offers a blend of entertaining activities, games, and straightforward experiments that foster hands-on learning, demonstrating that anyone can embrace scientific observation and experimentation to become a scientist and unearth new insights. With vibrant illustrations and age-appropriate text, this book ignites children’s curiosity, encourages them to pose questions, and inspires them to explore the world around them, with the hope of someday becoming scientists themselves. The book covers a wide array of scientific fields, including astronomy, botany, paleontology, malacology (the study of mollusks, like clams and snails), zoology, and more.

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Published Date: 26-03-2019