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My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

Step into the enchanting world of knowledge with this delightful children’s encyclopedia, brimming with fascinating insights about our planet, animals, people, and so much more!

The universe is a vast and intriguing place, often beyond the scope of young minds. However, the quest for knowledge is never-ending. “My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things” is a vibrant and engaging encyclopedia tailored for inquisitive kids aged 5-9. It offers a unique perspective that not only explores places worldwide but also delves into a child’s own experiences, addressing everyday subjects.

Packed with amusing facts, vivid illustrations, and interactive games that will captivate young readers, this children’s encyclopedia imparts age-appropriate information on a wide range of exciting topics. From erupting volcanoes and our celestial position to the changing seasons, majestic mammals, and more, it covers it all.

Celebrate your child’s curiosity as they:

  • Absorb hundreds of thrilling facts
  • Explore the wonders of remarkable animals, individuals, and locations
  • Unearth the marvels of our incredible planet, and beyond

Our children’s encyclopedia strikes the perfect balance between charming, simple illustrations and captivating photography, all accompanied by engaging text. It encourages young learners to embark on a journey into a world of knowledge, making it the ideal introductory reference book for kids aged 5-9. Whether used for homeschooling, bedtime stories, shared reading, or solo reading, this fun-filled fact book for children also serves as an excellent gift for inquisitive youngsters who relish the joy of learning.

Uncover the narrative of the world, one page at a time, with features that include:

  • Educational content presented in a friendly and enjoyable manner
  • A beautifully padded cover with premium finishes, including padding and foil embellishments
  • Equipped with a built-in ribbon bookmark to ensure you never lose your place during reading

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“My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things” is a part of the educational series “My Very Encyclopedia.” Enhance your child’s curiosity by exploring “My Encyclopedia of Very Important Adventures,” delve into different species with “My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals,” or journey back to the time of colossal dinosaurs with “My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs,” who once ruled the Earth.

This encyclopedia was shortlisted for:

  • The School Library Association Information Book Award in 2017
  • Best Children’s Book in the Junior Design Awards in 2017.

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Book Details

Author Name: DK
Format: Picture Book
Publisher: DK Children
Published Date: 13-09-2016