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History Year by Year: The History of the World, from the Stone Age to the Digital Age (DK Children’s Year by Year)

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the annals of history like never before with this comprehensive history encyclopedia for children. Spanning from prehistoric times to the modern day, “History Year by Year” offers a timeline of world history, connecting the dots of key historical events across the globe. It covers everything from the lives of prehistoric people to significant moments such as world wars and the moon landing, and so much more. Each page is a treasure trove of images and original artifacts, providing children with an authentic glimpse into each historical era.

This volume features insightful explanations of major historical events, making them accessible and engaging without talking down to young readers. “History Year by Year” by DK reveals the influences, patterns, and connections between the events that have shaped our world. It presents history as never seen before, making it an indispensable educational resource for children aged 9-12 who are eager to explore and understand world history.

Celebrate your child’s curiosity as they discover:

  • Over 1500 images that vividly illustrate world history for children.
  • Special feature spreads that delve into significant themes and stories, such as the Renaissance and the French Revolution, and include informative timelines.
  • “Child of the Time” spreads that invite young readers to step into the shoes of children from various historical periods, including Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution, and World War II.
  • “Moment in Time” spreads capturing pivotal historical moments in stunning full-bleed images.
  • An updated timeline covering prehistoric times up to 2018.

Written with children aged 9 to 12 in mind, this book uses approachable language and provides concise, fun facts. The “Child Of The Time” feature encourages young readers to imagine themselves in the past, emphasizing that children have played a role in history. Older readers will also appreciate this engaging educational book. Dive into the uncharted territories of the past, with an abundance of photos, maps, and graphics that make the study of history accessible and enjoyable.

This visual guide to history for kids offers a captivating overview of the most intriguing historical events, delivered in a concise, easy-to-digest format. Endorsed by the Smithsonian Institution and featuring an updated timeline that includes recent world events you may still remember, there’s something for every young explorer to learn, uncover, and enjoy.

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Book Details

Author Name: DK
Publisher: DK Children
Published Date: 19-08-2013