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American History for Kids: 500 Facts! (History Facts for Kids)

Who needs lengthy, dreary textbooks to dive into the captivating story of America’s past? “American History for Kids” takes young readers on an exhilarating journey from the earliest inhabitants in 20,000 BCE right up to the modern day, all through an array of engaging and unforgettable facts that they’ll be eager to share.

This enlightening exploration of American history, designed for kids aged 8-12, includes:

  1. 500 Fascinating Facts: This book presents young learners with a wealth of incredible and intriguing moments from America’s history, one enlightening tidbit at a time.
  2. The Complete Timeline: Kids will embark on an enriching journey through thousands of years of American history, discovering essential figures, places, and events that have shaped the nation.
  3. A Learning Advantage: These facts not only provide children with a head start on the subjects they’ll encounter in school but also introduce them to captivating details they might not typically find in their textbooks.

With the captivating facts found within its pages, this book makes history come alive, solidifying its place as a top choice among American history books.

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Book Details

Author Name: Stacia Deutsch
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Published Date: 24-08-2021