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1000+ Fun, Interesting And Mind-Blowing Facts For Curious Kids

The ultimate gift for young readers, this book is a fantastic choice for kids for several compelling reasons:

  1. Fun and Fascinating Facts: Young readers will delve into a world of fun and intriguing facts spanning various areas of life.
  2. Encourages Reading: Its easy-to-follow format makes it an ideal tool to motivate kids to start reading, fostering their love for books.
  3. Interactive Entertainment: This book can be enjoyed as a trivia Q&A game, adding an element of playfulness to learning.
  4. Endless Facts: With over 1000 facts, it ensures that the learning experience never becomes dull.
  5. Diverse Topics: Covering subjects such as science, history, fashion, culture, geography, famous individuals, art, and much more, it provides a well-rounded knowledge base.
  6. Boosts Knowledge and Confidence: By inspiring children to explore new fields of knowledge in a fun and approachable manner, it nurtures their curiosity and self-assurance.

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Book Details

Author Name: Max Bateman
Publisher: Maxmarr Press
Published Date: 03-10-2023